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NICView Camera

NICView Camera

NICView Baby

Union Health Foundation continues to support our smallest patients and their families with the addition of the NICView web cam.

These live streaming cameras are passcode-protected and allow families to view their infants that are receiving specialized care in the Union Hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unit even when they cannot be at the bedside. Union Hospital is the first hospital in Wabash Valley to offer this system, which was funded entirely by philanthropic gifts to the Foundation.

Since 1985, Union Health Foundation has provided $1.86 million to assist patients and advance care in Union’s NICU. Some of the items funded through donations include:

  • Medical infusion pumps
  • Transportation isolette
  • Oxygen and fetal heart monitors
  • Gas gift cards for NICU families
  • Family waiting area
  • Breast pump rental assistance
  • Giraffe Omni Bed
  • Continuing medical education for NICU staff

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