Honor a Caregiver

Recognize Your Caregiver/Guardian Angel

The Guardian Angel Program enables you to say "thank you" and to honor the caregiver or other hospital staff member who made your experience a positive one. Just click on the "Give Now" link on the top of the page and enter the honoree's name or names. You can also add your own message in the comments section. The individual(s) honored will be notified and receive a custom-crafted lapel pin with the Guardian Angel designation.


Sara "Jane" Hendrickson, RN Debra Moore-Hardin
Missy McKanna, RN Breanne House
Joely Lemke, RN Janet Crucitti
Neely Quist-Lowheide Hannah Cooprider
Patty Klos Trent Herring
Steve Cole Julie Ames
Jodi Johnson-Sheere, RN Terresia "T" DeBow
Brianna Davignon Alice Cheesman
Sujata Tidd, 2 EB Telemetry Glenna Stone
Anita Toussi Ashley McCammon
Carol Jones Holli Gossett
Tamim Antaki, MD Erika Watts, RN
Jodi Wheeler, RN Dr. Tom Baker
Amanda Jenkins Dr. Imad Koj
Amanda Slater, 2 EA Charlotte Hand, RN
Chris Eisenbrandt Billie Higginbottom, RN
Melinda Lennox Joyce Vines, RN
Sam Hastings, RN Dr. Chandra Brahmachari
Pam Stevens, RN Dr. Mellekate Vishwas
Kelsey Clements RN Dr. Subbareddy Puchalapalli
Diane Mack Dr. Erick Stephanian
Cathy Denny, RN Lindsey Morgan
Jordan Brentlinger Dr. Lawrence Dultz
Angie Ramsey Martina Voges, RN
Georeann "Georgia" Edwards, RN Betsie Jackson, RN
Terresia Debow Rolly Abara
Miranda Herrington RN Reba Graham
Pam Allen, PCT Ed Blade, RN
Dawn Kanizer, RN Megan Shafer, OT
Yolene Paul-Blanc, RN Tracy Thomas
Michelle Bridgewater, PCT Josh Rowe
Alyssa Burch, R.N.