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Foundation Awards

The Weinbaum Award

Download the Weinbaum Award Nomination Form

The Weinbaum Award was created by the Union Health Foundation to members of the medical and dental staffs of Union Health. The award recognizes exceptional leadership and contributions to the practice of medicine and the care of patients at Union Hospital, Union Hospital Clinton and Union Medical Group.

The award was named in memory of Jack Weinbaum, M.D. Dr. Weinbaum made important contributions to the practice of medicine at Union Hospital and to the Terre Haute community during his 33-year tenure at Union. He is remembered as a man of intelligence and foresight who had a deep concern for other people. This award, made in his name, recognizes and conveys the highest standard of medical service and excellence in the Wabash Valley.

The Weinbaum Award is presented to a member of the medical staff of Union Hospital, Union Hospital Clinton or Union Medical Group who has provided outstanding service to the practice of medicine as demonstrated by leadership in establishing innovative or new services; leadership to improve the quality of care provided to patients; and leadership in providing medical education programs to medical and dental staff and/or hospital personnel.

Watch the tribute video for our 2019 Weinbaum Award Winner John Bollinger, D.O.

Year Weinbaum Award Recipients
1992 William Scully, M.D.
1993 Robert Meissel, M.D.
1994 James Buechler, M.D
1995 Robert Haerr, M.D.
1996 James Cristee, M.D.
1997 Harry Keffer, M.D.
1998 Sisir Dhar, M.D
1999 Richard Mayrose, M.D.
2000 Karla Zody, M.D.
2001 Randy Stevens, M.D.
2002 Juan Correa, M.D.
Robert Cantillo, M.D.
2003 Shanti Patel, M.D.
2004 James Turner, D.O.
2005 Bashar Kashlan, M.D.
2006 Ron Leach, M.D
2007 Kathleen Stienstra, M.D
2008 Steven McDonald, M.D.
2009 Eric Bennett, M.D.
2010 Ann Wendecker, D.O.
2011 J. Lewis Stoelting, M.D.
2012 John Franklin Swaim, M.D.
2013 Russel Coutinho, M.D.
2014 Mark Lynch, M.D.
2015 Jean Mercho, M.D.
2016 Philip TenBrink, M.D.
2017 Eugene Epplin, M.D.
2018 Douglas B., Gillespie, Jr., M.D.

The Baur Award

Download the Baur Award Nomination Form

The Baur Award recognizes a volunteer or employee of Union Health System, or a member of the Board of Directors of Union Hospital, Union Hospital Clinton, Union Health Foundation, or Visiting Nurses Association of the Wabash Valley. It is given in recognition of outstanding contributions to the care of patients and advancement of health care at Union Hospital.

The award is named in memory of Sister Johanna M. Baur who served as the first head nurse and first superintendent of Union Hospital from 1896 to 1902. She was responsible for developing a capable and well-trained nursing staff by establishing the Union Hospital School of Nursing. The Baur Award was created to honor her enterprising spirit and recognize those who continue the work which she began.

The Baur Award is given to a person who serves in one of these roles who has provided outstanding service to Union Health System as evidenced by contribution of time and expertise to improve patient care or other aspects of the hospital’s service to their respective communities; contributions to and leadership of the establishment of new programs or services; and contributions to and leadership of the ongoing operations and management.

Watch the tribute video for our 2019 Baur Award Winner Louise Cadick below.

Year Baur Award Recipients
1992 Delores Macke, R.N.
1993 Frances Westrup
1994 Mary Ann Craig
1995 Jane Miller, R.N.
1996 Norma Shaw, R.N.
1997 Esten Fuson
1998 Margie Bopp
1999 Bill Malloy
2000 Sue Hoopengarner, R.N.
2001 Jackie Fox
2002 Pam Winans
2003 Glenda Mann, R.N.
2004 Myrna Dienhart, R.N
2005 Sandy Thompson, R.N.
2006 John Chironna, Jr., PhD
2007 Neva McFarland
2008 Susan Grutza
2009 Frederick Bauer
2010 Trudy Rupska, R.N.
2011 Susan Cross
2012 Laurice Newlin, R.N.
2013 Vicki Miller
2014 Kristi Williams, Pharm. D.
2015 Ann Smith, R.N.
2016 Cindy Martin
2017 Wayne Hutson
2018 Lori Moon