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Campaign for Music Therapy

Music Therapy is the clincial and evidence-based use of music interventions to accomplish individualized goals within a therapeutic relationship by a credentialed professional who has completed an accredited music therapy program. Music is a non-threatening medium that is motivating and engaging for all ages.

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I wish you could hear this letter instead of reading it. In fact, I wish you could hear it in song. Because music changes everything.

Twenty years ago, I set out to raise money to start a music therapy program at Union Hospital in memory of my daughter, Katy Cobb. Katy was a very special girl who had an enormous love for music her entire life.

When Katy was 45 years old, she was diagnosed with stomach cancer. Her treatment required surgery to remove a portion of her stomach, but recovery did not go as expected. Katy’s heart and kidneys began to fail and her lungs filled with fluid. Katy’s brother, my son, Peter, knew if music was brought into her hospital room, it would help Katy cope with her immense pain. However, music therapy wasn’t offered at that time. So, instead, Peter brought in her handheld cassette player.

It’s difficult to describe how something seemingly so simple soothed my Katy, but that’s what music can do. It transported her mind to a place she could relax, and it filled her soul at a time when little else could.

Katy succumbed to cancer in 1998. Her last breaths were taken as she clutched her tape player listening to Tapestry by Carole King. The only way that seems fitting to honor her life is to bring music to others. Thanks to generous donations, Union Health Foundation has been able to provide music therapy to oncology patients, but it’s been on a very limited basis.

Please help us expand that program and make it available to all. Music changes everything, and it starts with using its power in the form of therapy.


Peggy Cobb